White Papers

Brand Matters

A look at the importance of maintaining a brand—including why it’s a priority for the world’s top CEOs.

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Stimulating Innovation for Future Growth

Stay ahead of competitors and meet customer needs with forward-thinking action.

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Fostering Creativity to Bolster the Bottom Line

Regardless of industry, companies that expect to stay successful and profitable in today’s business world need to embrace creativity. No longer can creativity fall into an “if it happens, it happens” mentality.

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Social Media Marketing & Analytics for B2B

High-profile success stories are proving the value of social media marketing for B2B companies, which includes creating great content, optimizing that content, and sharing on social media sites. While many organizations are eager to achieve fast results, marketers know that understanding analytics and executing targeted strategies will ensure consistent growth.

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Social Media Marketing for B2B

Love it or loathe it, social media marketing has created enough high-profile success stories in the Business-to-Consumer world that B2B marketers are getting “social-curious.” But just because everyone else seems to be jumping on the social media marketing bandwagon doesn’t mean your organization should too.

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Organizational Optimization: How to Re-Energize, Recharge, and Reinvigorate Your Business

What’s the difference between an organization that thrives in today’s changing world and one that’s merely surviving? In many cases it’s simply a matter of making what you have better, optimizing your business to make the most of its strengths and eliminate or overcome its weaknesses.

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Beyond Green: The Expanding Role of Sustainability

Sustainability has proven not only to be good for its own sake, but good for business too. At the same time, the landscape of sustainability is changing. The most successful players in the near future will be those who master the art of “sustainable storytelling” while keeping pace with the evolving expectations of what defines a responsible business. This ParaThink briefing outlines a strategic and tactical process you can implement today to start getting the most out of your own sustainability story.

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Names That Sell Global Healthcare Brands

A strong brand name gives your healthcare company an asset that is yours forever, but the rules are changing in the Internet age. In this ParaThink briefing you’ll learn strategies that are working today to help successful companies create unique names, encourage new business, and create customer preference—even on a limited budget.

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Meeting 21st Century Challenges to Global Healthcare Brands

In this quick-reading ParaThink briefing, you’ll discover why global branding strategies are changing,
why some of the world’s best-known companies have failed in global markets, and how your
healthcare brand can lay the groundwork for success.

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