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  • Logo
  • Brand Identity
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  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Positioning
  • Website Design/Development


Headquartered in Paris, A2iA stands for Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis. As developers of the world’s first handwriting recognition technology more than two decades ago, A2iA has continued to expand the applications of their core technology to include document scanning and mobile platform solutions that
enable data capture on iOS and Android. Paragraphs was engaged to create a new brand identity and online presence that would reinvigorate the A2iA brand and reposition its service offering.


Paragraphs set out to create a brand and website that was commensurate with A2iA’s track record of innovation and position the A2iA service offering as delivering revenue-driving insights across a wide range of industries and applications. The transformation would be dramatic, as the existing A2iA website had not been updated since the early 2000s. Beyond a dated look and feel, it did not have a user-friendly CMS. (The system was so archaic, all content changes had to be submitted to their agency, which proved to be both slow and expensive.)

The project was a true global collaboration, with Paragraphs being responsible for creating the new brand identity and doing all design, content development and creative direction for the website—from information architecture to UI/UX, look and feel, icon design and copywriting. Working hand-in-hand with client-mandated third party back-end vendors in France and England, Paragraphs made sure the developed site was responsive, on brand and fully optimized.


A2iA’s new website exceeded numerous performance targets including number of visitors, leads generated, product downloads, click through rates and total time spent on site. The impact of the website is being realized through increased sales and continued global expansion into markets throughout South and Central
America, North America, Europe and Asia.



A2iA’s website was a truly global collaboration: designed, developed and delivered across 2 continents and in 2 languages.

Identity System

The new identity for A2iA retained only the “purple equity” of the previous brand. The logo redesign presented a 21st Century visualization of an innovative and automated solutions provider.

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