Information Technology


  • Corporate Brand
  • Corporate Identity/Logo (x7)
  • Graphic Standards Manuals
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Annual Reports
  • Website
  • Product Iconography
  • Trade Shows


Allscripts is an information technology company that delivers critical software to help healthcare providers “connect” across the continuum of healthcare. They have been a client for over 15 years. Throughout this time, Paragraphs has researched, analyzed, created and implemented a wide-range of communication initiatives from the corporate identity to the brand image, advertising, collateral, annual reports, website design and more. When Allscripts merged with Eclypsis, a new brand was required to connect their clients with clarity, continuity and creativity.

Paragraphs offers a rare combination of marketing expertise, intelligence, creativity and an intuitive understanding of business that adds value to our business on a daily basis.

The new Allscripts represents the integrated nature of this transaction, enhancing the firms ability to “connect” the nation’s healthcare system and transform it into a system of “health.”


Reaching physicians, patients and IT audiences with the benefits of the Allscripts product suite was key to their goal of educating their targets and ensuring a successful product launch.

Corporate Identity

Paragraphs created a differentiated identity with a design logo strategy that reflects “global, hi-tech, fluidity, organization and cutting edge”.


The website was designed to take advantage of whitespace making it clean, fresh and easy to navigate. The primary brand colors are used advantageously throughout to strengthen the brand.