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Assurant is a Fortune 500 specialty insurance business with assets under management of $30 billion and annual revenues approaching $10 billion. Paragraphs was engaged to help Assurant convey their collection of complex businesses into a compelling and easy-to-understand financial story. The theme, storyline and message platform to be developed would be rolled out and featured prominently in an array of strategic and creative deliverables, including an interactive website, printed collateral materials (annual report and divisional brochures), investor presentations and the Assurant Intranet.


For all of Assurant’s target audiences—investors, buy and sell side analysts, partners and employees—understanding exactly what Assurant did, how it did it and why the company’s models were unique presented an ongoing, thorny challenge. For investors in particular, finding a true industry peer that closely resembled Assurant proved troublesome. Our strategy was to strive for simplicity in the communications. We condensed and leveraged a core element of Assurant’s value proposition—disciplined long-term growth—and converted it into a visual metaphor all audiences could understand. Crafting the Assurant story around a vineyard allowed us to include vivid imagery and highlight the keen attention to detail it takes to produce exceptional results (fine wine) over the long term.


The theme, message, visuals and overall story were so well received, Assurant incorporated them into all of their investor communications throughout the year. Assurant continued to grow in revenue and stock price. In succeeding years, Paragraphs was retained to tell new stories about Assurant’s businesses and convey the company’s success and strategy on an annual basis.

Assurant Web

Annual Report—Web

Assurant leveraged the opportunity presented through the annual report to offer users a dynamic and branded online experience.

Annual Report—Print

In this printed version of Assurant’s annual report, innovation was conveyed through the execution of a two-sided flip book. 

Annual Report—Print
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