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  • Graphic Standards (International)
  • Logo/Wordmark
  • Research/Positioning/Messaging
  • Brand Launch
  • Product Launches
  • Photography/Illustration
  • Capability/Product Brochures
  • eMarketing/Advertising/Media
  • eNewsletters/Publications
  • Annual Reports
  • Sustainability Reports
  • Trade Shows/Signage
  • Packaging/Labeling
  • Websites
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Videos


The merger of two global healthcare leaders required the development of a new corporate identity and brand that would present a unified face to all markets, help drive cross-selling and integrate best practices.


Beginning with research and working through our entire identity process, Paragraphs was able to discern key customer drivers and priorities and apply them to the strategic, creative and tactical execution of the new brand identity.

The name “Baxter” was viewed as simple, direct, powerful, secure and confident. It also traveled well globally and was therefore retained. The logo design reflected these attributes and has stood the test of time.

Deliverables included graphic standards manuals, conversion guidelines, advertising, annual reports, collateral, signage, packaging, stationary, premiums and more. Paragraphs wrote, directed and facilitated global implementation of the identity/brand rollout to over 3,000 marketing managers who managed over 130,000 products in 33 countries.


The program won over 75 communication and design awards and was effectively executed for over 20 years. As the company evolved, acquired and divested services and products and technology changed how Baxter communicated with all of their constituencies, a brand assessment was conducted. New Internet and Intranet guidelines detailing every need and medium, a centralized image bank and downloadable templates were designed. This user-friendly system—easy to understand and use—continues to drive the success of this global brand identity.


Corporate Brochure

Leveraging the corporate photography and brand, annual brochures are now a worldwide staple communication tool.

Annual Report

Dozens of annual reports have won hundreds of awards and clearly communicated the strengths of Baxter to their key stakeholders.

Corporate Intranet

Online brand standards were developed with easy-to-use downloadable templates to enhance consistency and compliance on a global basis.

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