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Exelon came to Paragraphs when they first began their sustainability communications efforts. While the first few CSR books were produced as print vehicles, it has since evolved to a navigable web version with a printable PDF. The Diversity & Inclusion report has also followed suit and continues to grow as a detailed sustainability progress document for Exelon.


The CSR and the Diversity & Inclusion reports are detailed documents which involve visual translation of complex ideas, charts, progress and status. They are both fluid documents which continue to grow with the Exelon acquisition strategy. While the strategy is to design within the framework of the Exelon brand identity, we continue to work toward conveying “easy to understand” and “easy to digest” information conveyance.


Exelon ranks 12 out of 500 of U.S. Fortune 500 Companies and 24 out of 500 among the Global 500, according to the Green Newsweek Rankings (2017). They’ve made the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 12 years in a row. They are Climate Disclosure Leaders and Energy Star Partners. They were also named to the Civic 50 by Points of Light for their community-minded efforts. Exelon has won many awards in sustainability—across all categories such as environment, community and responsibility.

Exelon also ranks extremely high in the diversity category. It’s been voted best place to work, disability friendly, military friendly, diversity friendly and more. Paragraphs is honored to be in such good company.


Sustainability Report

As the largest utility in the country Exelon excels at sustainability across all business endeavors. Whether conservation or community contributions we’re proud to help tell the story.

Annual Report

Both print and online annual reports
for Exelon have won top honors against companies within the energy industry and all Fortune 500.


Communicating cross-culturally is always a challenge, but less so when regular newsletters are utilized to chat with employees on a bi-monthly basis.

Diversity & Inclusion Report

How do you engage employees and
ensure diversity and inclusion? With open, engaging, transparent reporting. There’s a reason Exelon is consistently voted the “a best place to work”.

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